Today, too many of our neighbours don’t have the safety and security of a true sense of belonging in our community.

We believe in a future where every Londoner belongs.

Belonging is a two way street – it's not only about how much we fit in or how welcoming a group or place is to us. It’s about being and feeling part of a collective 'we'. And it’s about access to housing, health care, basic income, social support, and all the critical things that build a healthy community for everyone.

Belonging is a tricky word. It’s hard to understand, and sometimes, much harder to feel. For the Londoners we asked, belonging means some simple, powerful, and beautiful things:

Experiencing life judgement free.

A recognition. Of each other and our shared humanity.

People who don’t think ‘I need to be fixed’.

Having support for those who are hardest to care for.

When others see me. Really see.

Being invited to join my neighbours on their porch.

Not necessarily the place you were born and raised, but the place you feel most happy and accepted.

Feeling normal. Just normal. And loved.

And while we all experience belonging differently, we know this for sure: Not all Londoners are experiencing the important security and stability of visibility, equality, and acceptance. And we need to change that.

Because no one can truly belong if they don’t have enough resources to live with dignity.

We believe in a future where everyone in our community feels as though they belong – regardless of their age, race, gender, ethnicity, ability, or socioeconomic status. A future where each and every person is valued. We dream of a London where people of all ages and backgrounds are empowered to say yes - or no - rather than having few choices or none at all.