While London has the lowest unemployment rate in years, many in our community struggle accessing sustainable and meaningful work.

We believe in a future where every Londoner has meaningful employment.

A changing economy has led to both a lack of skilled labour and skill mismatch in our community.

London’s knowledge economy continues to grow, with a demand for workers in sales and professional, scientific, and technical services. Manufacturing remains a dominant industry in London with a high demand for both skilled and unskilled labour. Along with these industry challenges, there continues to be a gender gap related to career advancement.

The gender gap persists.

While the gap is narrowing, in 2016, women still earned 21.5% less than men.**

Despite the low unemployment rate, workers in our community are discouraged looking for work.

This could be a result of a skill mismatch or lack of opportunities. In 2017, only 60.5% of Londoners were working or looking for work. This is one of the lowest labour force participation rates in Ontario.*

Growing employment sectors in London include:

  • 25,000+ employed by hospitals and research institutions***
  • 9,000+ employed by 300+ digital creative companies***
  • 33,000+ employed by 500+ manufacturing companies***

* Statistics Canada

** City of London

*** London Economic Development Corporation, 2018

We believe in a future where our city’s economy is thriving. A future where we don’t have to fight for equal pay for equal work. One where workplaces value diversity and no one faces employment discrimination because of their age, race, gender, ethnicity, ability, or sexual orientation.

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