London's general population and many newcomers have significant education accomplishments, however, traditional gender gaps continue to persist, and the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities remains too high.

We believe in a future where Londoners are empowered by education.

Obtaining quality education is the foundation of success. Even though a significant number of Londoners have access to higher education, citizens like our Indigenous community are falling behind. We continue to see gender gaps with more men concentrated in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industries. While access to equal education has come a long way, we still have advancements to make.

Gender gaps persist in STEM related industries.

In 2016, 15.6% of women in London aged 25 - 64 with a bachelor’s degree or higher education studied STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), compared to 33.3% of men.*

Indigenous students have an increasing level of academic achievements.

In London, the proportion of the Indigenous population 15 years and older with at least a high school diploma, rose from 69% in 2011 to 72% in 2016. While this increase is positive, a significant gap still remains between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous population.*

Fewer students are studying trades, despite our local need.

Just 5.6% of Londoners have an education in the trades as of 2016, compared to 6.9% in 2011.*

* Statistics Canada

We believe in a London where everyone has equal, inclusive access to quality education. Where lifelong learning is encouraged, where everyone has the confidence and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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